Slack & NetSuite. Endless Productivity Possibilities.

Big Bang ERP’s custom NetSuite SlackBot allows your team to reduce emails, admin tasks and time while maintaining quality and increasing productivity (and generally making life easy). Get in touch to see how any critical process can be expedited in Slack with commands such as “/leadtoday”, “/assigntask” to pull information about all leads, push new information to NetSuite or to notify Slack users. Everything you do with SlackBot updates NetSuite in real-time, securely using Restlet APIs.

With simple commands, teams can harmonize information with bidirectional communication between NetSuite and Slack. SlackBot is as polite as it is smart.

SlackBot Modules available:

  • Speed

    its real-time messaging that brings all your communications about one process together, in one place.

  • Streamline Processes

    Use the messaging tool to streamline any process of create-update-view info into NetSuite.

  • Bidirectional

    Ensure you get consistent and reliable data from NetSuite and push additional information to NetSuite

  • Mobile

    Works on any iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone with Slack Mobile App.

  • Designed for Millennials

    75% of them choose texting over talking. This design ensure that we keep them engaged and do their work efficiently and proactively.

Contact us for pricing and have SlackBot installed in less than one week.

Designed for companies who get things done – smartly.

We know, we use it ourselves.

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