Salesforce Sales Cloud

There are many different size companies, but sales reps at every size company share one common goal — the desire to be a top performer.  At its simplest, a SaaS CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships, customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location. It’s a world where lead and contact information is always fresh and complete. With Sales Cloud everyone performs like an “A” player.

+36% in Sales Productivity
+45% in Forecast Accuracy
25% Increase in Pipeline
+26% Win Rate

Why Sales Cloud?

  • Boost sales productivity by having access to all the information you need, anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Sell as a team by connecting with those around you on Chatter
  • Manage contacts through single, shared customer profiles that ensure your whole team is looking at the same, up-to-date data
  • Get real-time visibility on your sales information through up-to-date KPIs and dashboards
  • Get quick and easy access to the files you need
  • Access to thousands of apps and tools through the world’s leading cloud computing marketplace, the AppExchange


Combined with your custom apps & AppExchange apps, turn your mobile device into a portable sales office. Log calls, respond to leads, work opportunities, or check dashboards no matter where you are. Collaborate across teams, from anywhere.

Get contacts and company profiles from leading data sources from inside Sales Cloud. Connect with key decision makers faster. Easily plan territories. And increase sales and marketing productivity with the latest, most accurate data.

Sales Console

Give inside sales teams an experience that matches how they work, and they’ll work smarter, faster. Now reps can see sales intelligence, detailed company info, and multiple leads on a single screen, so they’ll build pipeline and grow deals faster.

Approvals & Workflows

Use Visual Workflow to rapidly design and run any business process with drag & drop simplicity. Drive approvals in real-time from your Chatter feed. Manage success with flexible approvals processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more.

Email Integration

Email marketing is alive and well, and we know you want to use the email applications you already know. No one needs to change the way they work, so everyone stays productive.


Insights to make smarter decisions. Dig deep with reports and dashboards that anyone can create. Use the new enterprise analytics to report on sales, service, custom apps, & third party data.


Fast, easy, accurate. Get in-line editing, override visibility, multi-currency support, custom forecast categories, and a complete, real-time view into your team’s forecasts. Just what your sales team needs!

Contact Management

Bring social intelligence to your sales process. Gain insights from popular social media sites — like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Klout — right within Sales Cloud to help you increase productivity.

Your Connected Business

The Sales Cloud gives you everything you need to connect with customers—from complete, up-to-date account information to social insights. All in one place and available anytime, anywhere.

Everything you need to know is automatically pushed to you in real time, such as contact information, customer updates and discount approval notifications. What’s more, the information is automatically shared with the members of your team who need it. The result, you close more deals faster and collaborate instantly on what matters.

Connected to both the right information and their colleagues, sales teams are more in sync and see dramatic improvements in performance.

Big Bang ERP Makes Sales Cloud Work For You

Big Bang ERP helps businesses across every industry to redefine their sales processes, analyse their marketing initiatives and improve their customer service experience. The IT landscape empowers today’s businesses to choose tools that are flexible, scale-able and deliver performance enhancing results. By utilizing Salesforce and the platform, Big Bang ERP is focused on making your business the most streamlined, efficient and profitable it can be.

As Montreal’s premier consulting firm and a registered Salesforce Partner, Big Bang ERP’s qualified and experienced consulting team helps organizations of all sizes achieve their goals. You can focus on what’s important to you and leave the heavy lifting of implementing, customizing and supporting Salesforce to the professionals.

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