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The customer revolution has begun – and it’s never been more important to develop real relationships with your customers. As the world’s most powerful digital marketing platform, Pardot helps you make the most of every customer interaction—creating personalized, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences. The future of digital marketing is here.

+60% in Unique Open Rates
94% Improvement in Brand Marketing
+59% in Campaign Effectiveness
Accelerate your pipeline with B2B marketing automation

Why Pardot B2B Marketing?

  • Save time and energy by using drag-and-drop content creation wizards, intuitive interfaces make marketing campaign creation a breeze.
  • Act on real data, engage in real conversations, and make real connections across any channel – all in real time. It’s easy to integrate data from various sources, including CRM and web analytics, to create targeted, meaningful messages.
  • Get real-time visibility on your marketing information through up-to-date KPIs and dashboards.
  • Pardot makes it easy to create automated drip campaigns.
  • Create conversion focused landing pages right in Pardot.

Email Marketing

Drag-and-drop content tools make it easy to create emails that capture your customers’ attention. Step-by-step playbooks walk you through the creation of pre-defined email marketing campaigns. Communicating with your customers has never been easier!

Optimized Content

Manage and personalize your content in a snap. Pardot B2B Marketing Automation gives you one place to store, search, edit, and personalize all of your content. Sending the right message to the right customer is the bread-and-butter of Pardot.

Behavioral Insights

We gather real-time data around customer preferences, lifestyles, and purchase habits, then help you act on that data to increase conversions and order values—all while building customer loyalty. Analytics provides you with the answers to pressing questions like who, what and how.

Tracking & Reporting

As a marketer, having easy access to your campaign performance data can be a challenge. With real-time tracking and graphical reporting, it’s easy to optimize all your campaigns to drive measurable business results and power meaningful conversations at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Real-Time Alerts

Get automatic notifications of prospect activity — in real time — via Salesforce CRM, your mobile device, or Pardot’s customizable desktop app.

A/B Testing

Finally understand which content resonates the most with your email recipients — and get the data to back it up — with A/B testing.

Life Cycle Reporting

Use Lifecycle reports to get a high-level view of sales cycle health, and understand where prospects are getting stuck in the funnel.


Discover the true ROI of your marketing efforts with closed-loop reporting. Gain insight into campaign success, the health of your sales funnel, and more.

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Your Connected Business

Your marketing program is only as strong as the technology it’s built upon. And you simply can’t afford anything less than state-of-the-art. Pardot powers cross-channel marketing programs for many of the world’s top brands.

What if you could achieve phenomenal results? Working with Pardot means partnering with the trusted leader in digital marketing to discover your potential. To stay relevant, marketers need to become customer companies, manage the customer journey, and build 1:1 customer relationships at scale. And with the trusted infrastructure of our 100% cloud-based, secure, and highly available platform, you have the flexibility and reliability you need to go further.

Big Bang ERP Makes Pardot Work For You

Big Bang ERP helps businesses across every industry to redefine their sales processes, analyse their marketing initiatives and improve their customer service experience. The IT landscape empowers today’s businesses to choose tools that are flexible, scale-able and deliver performance enhancing results. By utilizing Salesforce and the platform, Big Bang ERP is focused on making your business the most streamlined, efficient and profitable it can be.

As Montreal’s premier consulting firm and a registered Salesforce Partner, Big Bang ERP’s qualified and experienced consulting team helps organizations of all sizes achieve their goals. You can focus on what’s important to you and leave the heavy lifting of implementing, customizing and supporting Salesforce to the professionals.

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