Sales tax is complicated. Avalara makes it easy.

Avalara is revolutionizing a fundamental business process most people never even consider. Forget your manual tax compliance processes. Automate them with Avalara solutions.


Why Avalara?

Avalara works within your own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale system to deliver accurate tax calculations in real time via a secure Internet connection. Once configured, you don’t have to worry about ever-changing, impenetrable rates, rules, boundaries, exemptions, tax holidays, reporting requirements, filing deadlines, etc.  The cloud-based software platform manages the complexity and simplifies the process of sales tax and other transaction tax compliance, cost effectively and with ecommerce-class scale, speed, and reliability.

Simply put: Avalara makes sales tax less taxing.

Avalara offers hundreds of pre-built connectors into leading accounting, ERP, ecommerce and other business applications. The company processes millions of tax transactions for customers and free users every day, files hundreds of thousands of transactional tax returns per year, and manages millions of exemption certificates and other compliance related documents.

  • AvaTax

    Avalara AvaTax, the leader in sales tax decision automation, instantaneously and accurately calculates tax in more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions.

  • CertCapture

    Avalara CertCapture creates, validates and stores sales tax exemption certificates and reseller certificates in the cloud, limiting audit exposure.

  • Avalara Returns

    Avalara Returns automates the entire sales tax filing process, saving time and money. File and remit returns accurately and on time, every time.

  • Avalara 1099

    Avalara 1099 is a web-based service that streamlines online 1099 reporting and ensures IRS compliance. Save time and money and limit audit risk.

  • MatrixMaster

    Avalara MatrixMaster, the world’s largest database of Universal Product Codes, delivers product sales taxability down to the SKU. Simplify sales tax.

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